Healthy eating mindset

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You have the best intention to start a healthy eating program, but then these food cravings arrive and are notoriously difficult to resist. An open packet of chocolate biscuits, a glimpse of salty chips or the rustle of a crisp packet can lead even the strongest-willed of us to quickly break our healthy eating resolve.

What makes a craving stronger?

Our emotions and lifestyle can make cravings harder to resist. Here are some factors that have been shown to weaken resolve.

I have a solution and plan for you that is long-lasting.

Cravings are linked to memory. When we eat a food we like, we create a positive memory. When we associate a food with happy memories, it affects how good we think it tastes and how good it makes us feel. The more we eat of that food, the more we reinforce this memory.

When these positive memories are formed, they intrude on our consciousness as a craving. A smell, feeling or place can recall the memory and bring on a craving.

Cravings are closely linked to reward centres in the brain. Carb-loaded foods such as sugary drinks and chips trigger a pathway of signals to these reward centres, while fatty foods such as cheese take a different route. Mix carbs and fat together, in an ice cream or chocolate for instance, and those reward centres are reinforced, according to research from Yale University. So your brain rewards you for satisfying cravings for these foods.

We can work together to resolve the stuck emotions behind the memories and eliminate the craving. If you are interested, please book a session.

Embracing Your Inner Trust

A good starting point is to be open and embrace an inner trust that everything will work out.

It’s a little bit like when a partner hears from their loved one, “Everything will be fine”. Sometimes they are the only four words a person needs to hear to feel more positive and reassured about the future.

For some, that inner trust comes through their spirituality, their connection to love and being open to universal forces. For those less spiritual, it is about allowing instinct, gut feeling and your sense of purpose to be heard.

Trust yourself. Trust that things will work out well – for you and your family.