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Hi, my name is Isabel. I am an accredited certified EFT Therapist (EFTi). I help people to release negative emotions and limiting beliefs, together with support around mindset for confidence.

Having personally experienced the many challenges of transitioning to a new country, with young children.

Calma Therapy is owned by Isabel Villena, an EFTi Accredited Certified EFT practitioner (Emotional Freedom Techniques). Somatic Nia instructor and Optimal EFT practitioner. Based in Cambridge, UK.

EFT tapping is a simple and effective therapy that helps the mind and body. It integrates the elements of western talk therapy and eastern energy medicine and combines a gentle touch on acupuncture points together with mindful and vocal attention to thoughts and feelings.

EFT helps to build resilience allowing you to naturally feel calmer and think with clarity of mind.


Yes, I love the simplicity of tapping. Getting into my body sensations, I felt so much calmer, settled in my body, and breathing with more ease. I also love Optimal EFT session and the subtle but powerful changes in myself. Stress Reduction EFT therapy helps to understand myself and others with compassion, to reset, to be aware and feel free.

Daisy S – England

After the session, I felt stronger and renewed. Isabel knows how to get optimal results in a calm manner in order to cultivate the aspiration to happiness. Her guidance is clear, generous, compassionate, and warm-hearted. She pays attention to check to real ‘letting go’ of those unwanted feelings or thoughts and a new positive mantra just surged in myself.

A blessing that Isabel offers with ductility is the wish to practise EFT beyond the session. She is respectful with the freedom and timings for the best benefit of the session.

Nan G.R – Argentina

My tapping session helped me a lot to improve the quality of my family bondings and relationship with my brothers, to manage the conflict better, accept and love exactly where I am at, creating space and letting go of my own limitations.

Nydia G– New York